How To Take Care Of Your Bounce House

Don’t let the white color intimidate you, this bounce house was made for it! We only sourced materials that could handle the elements.

With that said, though, not everything belongs in your castle.


Just like our larger Ava, Mini Ava has rules.


No shoes; no-slip socks are best.

No food or drinks.

No pens, paints, glitters, confetti or glues.

No silly string, face paint or colored powders.

No sharp or heavy objects.

No pets.

No horseplay or jumping on walls.

No sliding head first down the slide.

Water play not recommended.

Adult supervision required!


You want to take caution when attaching or hanging anything to your castle and opt for light attachments so as not to tear into the PVC. Gently tying a fishing line around the columns to attach a balloon garland, is more than enough to keep it secured. Make sure to not leave any hanging strands as to not create a hazard!


And last but definitely not least, if you want your castle’s color and shine to stay, wipe down with a mild, non-flammable cleaner after every use. All that dirt should come right off, keeping your Mini Ava looking like new!


For tips on stain removal, don't hesitate to reach out to us at