How To Set Up Your Bounce House Indoors

The most amazing feature of our Mini Ava is it’s size! It’s just the right fit to hang out inside so that the jumping fun doesn’t stop with the weather! And it keeps the kids from jumping on the furniture, too!


When setting up inside, you want to ensure that everyone is safe. Just like you would stake down your bounce house outside, you want to secure and hold down your castle indoors using weights. Your bounce house has a weight capacity of either 80-120 lbs, depending on the size, so you want to secure it down with a distributed weight of at least 120 lbs. Six weight/sand bags weighing at least 20 lbs each, secured to each corner of your bounce house, is ideal to help keep the castle from moving during use. Even so, horseplay, jumping on walls/netting, or sliding head first is not allowed and PARENTAL SUPERVISION IS REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES OF USE.


If you would like to protect your wood or tile floors and also prevent any sliding, consider placing a non-slip mat under you bounce house, as well.


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